Raymond James® Investment Services

Getting Started

Becoming a client is straightforward either by approaching us directly or indirectly through your Financial Adviser.
Whether you are looking to start a portfolio or augment an existing one, we can help set up a course to help you achieve your investment aims

We will work with you to establish your personal risk profile and build a solution that meets your individual needs and requirements. All our portfolios are specifically tailored to you and through working closely with you we will adapt, review and change positions as and when appropriate. Our Discretionary mandate allows you to pass on the every day stress and strain of running a modern investment portfolio to our dedicated team.

The above highlights key elements addressed in gaining a thorough understanding of what’s important to you within your finances.
We have a responsibility to ensure that our recommendations and investment decisions are the most suitable for you. So managing risk and understanding your tolerances is crucial where decisions regarding uncertainties are present. To support you through this process we use an independent international risk profiling system that has been tried and tested over a number of years with thousands of clients.

And if your circumstances change then you can be reassured we will be there to review your personal situation and financial positions.